Hey guys!

So this blogs topic is all about the best sport ever in my opinion…

**drum roll**🔊


Okay.. so I know that most of you readers out there might disagree with me.. due to the fact that you like the more physical sports and/or you don’t really think chess is a sport.

Well let me tell you something..I actually watch and love physical sports too.. but the reason I like chess the most is because you use your brain a lot.

Now I am not saying you don’t use your brain in other sports.. I just mean this game needs a lot of complex and brain teasing thinking than in most sports.

You have to know how to think about 7 steps ahead.. and you have to know the consequences of every single piece on the board that you move.

Its a tough game.. people get quite emotional about it.

I myself actually got so enthusiastic about the game.. that I joined my high school’s chess club! (One of the best decisions of my life)

If you love a good challenge.. if you do a lot of  brain teasers.. if you love a good riddle.. or if you just love good board games with a really cool dynamic brain challenge.. Chess is for you!

So to all you readers out there who dislike chess.. or haven’t really tried it before.. I would suggest trying it.. because its one of the most amazing games I have ever played and it is really awesome!


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